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The world is coming together to end COVID-19 and SimuLyve International® is committed to do our part to help in the vital role of producing virtual meetings for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our virtual meeting planners are also helping the financial, insurance, and manufacturing industries communicate to the world, so that they can continue business operations despite travel restrictions and cancelled meetings.

We're here to help. Please contact us and we will be happy to lend support in any way we can to assist you in converting your face-to-face meetings, so that they can be broadcast on the SimuLyve® Virtual Network.

Due to unprecedented demand for our products and services, we are prioritizing COVID related, pharmaceutical and medical meetings, and will fulfill all other requests after the most critical healthcare meeting needs are met first. To request virtual meeting support, email

SimuLyve International® World Class Communication Through Filmmaking & Meeting Production

Some of Our Clients

"I've had experience with numerous organizations, and none have come close to SimuLyve"


"SimuLyve's ability to organize meetings never ceases to amaze me"


"You will not be disappointed"

Daiichi Sankyo

"A HUGE thank you to you and your team! We have really enjoyed working with you all and exploring the virtual space for our investigator meeting."


"Every hour... every effort you put into... familiarizing yourself with these technologies... is well invested time."

Merz Therapeutics

"No one has to be afraid not to understand... especially in our Chinese translations ...which is very important for the study... they can all listen to it in their natural language... it has proven to be very helpful"

Merz Aesthetics

"Our meeting would not have had anywhere near the quality without SimuLyve's expertise"


"All those costs you would have spent in flights and hotels... you can now invest in the right technology... to produce meaningful media"

Merz Therapeutics

"There's been massive amounts of evolution forward into... these virtual environments"


"SimuLyve took the meeting to the next level, beyond anything I have ever experienced"


"With this technology, you are able to control...and prerecord"

Merz Therapeutics

"SimuLyve is outstanding, always on top of the latest technology"

Corporate Event Enterprises

"SimuLyve conceived and completed our last-minute meeting within three weeks... a delight to work with"




"SimuLyve produced the best meeting our attendees have ever attended. You were pivotal to our success"


"SimuLyve produced a most perfect meeting"


"SimuLyve is an asset to the Daiichi Sankyo brand. They exceed all expectations."

Daiichi Sankyo

"SimuLyve is a great team of genuinely nice people with an infection curiosity about media and technology"

Answers Media

"The entire meeting was nothing short of spectacular"


"We wanted to make a statement about our company, and we did thanks to SimuLyve"


"During my 10+ years in the industry, I have yet to see an organization that can match the standards set by SimuLyve"

Daiichi Sankyo

"I would without reservation recommend SimuLyve to anyone looking for exceptional results"


"Again, SimuLyve did an incredible job"

Cleveland Clinic

Experience a SimuLyve Virtual Meeting

In this fascinating behind the scenes video, learn what it means to "SimuLyve" a meeting, how it'll make your virtual meetings engaging and interactive, and how we combine SimuLyve techniques with our F2F meeting productions.

Experience SimuLyve Filmmaking

mRNA & The Search for Transformative Medicines, The Arcturus Therapeutics Story, a new documentary produced by SimuLyve International, a film in the making for over two years, that tells the astonishing story of Arcturus Therapeutics. Let Us Tell Your Story. Contact

What Does it Mean to SimuLyve Your Virtual Meeting?

Is it SimuLyve or simulive? It's SimuLyve® from SimuLyve International® the inventors of SimuLyve®. SimuLyve® comes from the fusion of two words, Simulated + Live. SimuLyve® Virtual Meetings simulates an in-person meeting by utilizing the sophisticated broadcast techniques of television applied to virtual meetings over the Internet. That's SimuLyve®. Why do we use television techniques? Because it's more engaging and interactive than traditional webcasting. We come from the television industry and understand how to engage an audience.

Whether it's an all virtual meeting or a Face-to-Face (F2F) in-person meeting streamed LIVE to a virtual audience, we'll manage every aspect of your production.

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It's Not Webcasting, It's SimuLyve®

About SimuLyve International

SimuLyve International Cannes Award Winning Filmmaking®

Since 1977, SimuLyve International® has been creating award winning film for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial institutions, the automotive industry, and the energy sector to strengthen corporate brands.

We've produced thousands of films that have helped corporations market, sell, educate and inform, including the landmark origin story documentary, "mRNA & The Search for Transformative Medicines, The Arcturus Therapeutics Story" and the Cannes Award Winning pharmaceutical film "Looking Inward."

Looking Inward, a fascinating film about neuroplasticity, music and MS.

SimuLyve International®

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