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The world is coming together to end COVID-19 and SimuLyve International® is committed to do our part to help in the vital role of producing virtual meetings for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our virtual meeting planners are also helping the financial, insurance, and manufacturing industries communicate to the world, so that they can continue business operations despite travel restrictions and cancelled meetings.

We're here to help. Please contact us and we will be happy to lend support in any way we can to assist you in converting your face-to-face meetings, so that they can be broadcast on the SimuLyve® Virtual Network.

Due to unprecedented demand for our products and services, we are prioritizing COVID related, pharmaceutical and medical meetings, and will fulfill all other requests after the most critical healthcare meeting needs are met first. To request virtual meeting support, email

Film & Video Production

Cannes 2020 Silver Winner

Award Winning Films
and Corporate Video Production

Do you want your virtual meetings to be engaging? Your scientific communication to be effective? Your product launches and sales and marketing meetings to be exciting? Then let us create great content. That's why at SimuLyve® we have a robust corporate film and video division, SimuLyve Films that creates stunning content. From our award winning medical film "Looking Inward", that won Best Web Documentary at the Cannes Corporate Film Festival to training videos, sales & marketing videos, and image films that support your brand, SimuLyve® has been creating award winning video and films for decades. We film in our studios around the world or on location, anywhere.

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Looking Inward, Cannes Winning Announcement and Trailer

Looking Inward, Cannes Winning Film About MS, Neuroplasticity & Music.

mRNA & The Search for Transformative Medicines, The Arcturus Therapeutics Story, a new documentary produced by SimuLyve International, a film in the making for over two years, that tells the astonishing story of Arcturus Therapeutics. Let Us Tell Your Story. Contact

SimuLyve Alzheimer's Patient Recruitment Video. Let us Create a Patient Recruitment Video For Your Study.

Patient recruitment

Patient Recruitment Films Distributed via Social Media

As a pharmaceutical filmmaking company and a meeting production company focused on investigator meetings, with special expertise in social media marketing, SimyLyve International produces stunning patient recruitment videos for pharmaceutical companies, CROs and patient recruitment agencies. Our patient recruitment videos dramatically increase patient enrollment.

Use the power of compelling film produced by SimuLyve International and distributed by us on social media, to get your patients recruited in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Simply putting your video on a website is not social marketing. Social marketing starts first with superb content, then it's expertly distributed, which is a complex craft that our experts have honed for decades. Contact and ask us to produce and market you next patient recruitment social media campaign via video.

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